Low Back Pain

What is Low Back Pain?

Low back pain means pain in your lower back or lumbar area. Low back pain is not a disease, rather it is a symptom of many different processes. The main functions of the lower back are to provide structural support, protection, and movement of some body tissues. Generally, sudden movements or lifting heavy objects cause low back pain. Home remedies or treatments can be helpful in acute low back pain. However, for chronic back pain, you should consult a specialist.

Generally, people between the ages of 30 and 50 suffer more from low back pain. This may be due to the fact that many changes occur in the body with age. With age, the fluid content between the vertebrae reduces. As a result, there is more disc irritation in the spin. Moreover, the back is more prone to injury due to the loss of muscle tone. So, it is very helpful to strengthen your back muscles to prevent low back pain.

Causes of Low Back Pain

Low back pain is quite common. It can be due to minor injury, overuse or a symptom of a larger medical condition, but in some cases, there is no obvious reason for low back pain. Some of the most common causes of low back pain are:

  • Muscle strain
  • Damage to the disks
  • Irregularities in the skeleton
  • Improper or heavy lifting
  • Injuries
  • Kidney stones
  • Pregnancy
  • Overweight
  • Conditions like arthritis, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis or sciatica

Chiropractic Treatment for Low Back Pain

In most cases, the misalignment of the spine causes low back pain. Chiropractors make adjustments to the spine to improve the alignment and movement of the spine and joints. This is called spinal adjustments which include manual repositioning of neck, shoulders, head, back or hips for reducing chronic low back pain. In addition, chiropractic adjustments of the spine are also very effective for a person having acute low back pain. Acute low back pain goes away within six weeks, unlike chronic pain which lasts for more than six weeks.