Spinal Adjustment

What is Spinal Adjustment?

Spinal adjustment is a procedure in which chiropractors apply a sudden and controlled force, using their hands or an instrument, to the spinal joints. The main aim of a spinal adjustment is to improve the spinal motion and the physical functions of the body. More than 20 million Americans visit chiropractors annually for spinal adjustments to relieve back, neck, or joint pains. As a result, many insurance companies have added chiropractic care as an additional covered benefit.

5 Signs You Need a Spinal Adjustment

There are some symptoms or signs indicating that you need a spinal adjustment:

  • chronic pains
  • sudden sharp pain
  • job or hobby requiring repetitive motion
  • frequent headaches
  • active lifestyle

What to Expect

During your first visit, the chiropractor will ask you basic questions regarding your health. The main idea of these questions is to determine whether you need a spinal adjustment or not. Depending upon your symptoms and medical history, he may perform a physical exam.

During the Spinal Adjustment

Generally, in any spinal adjustment, you have to lie face down or on your side. The chiropractor may apply heat or an electrical current in case you have muscle tightness to relax your muscles. Then, after getting you in a suitable position, the chiropractor will apply a sudden and controlled force to a particular joint. You might hear cracking or popping noises. These noises are caused due to the air in the fluid surrounding your joints. The chiropractor may also suggest additional treatments such as applying heat or ice, massage, or some stretching exercises.

After the Spinal Adjustment

After the spinal adjustment, you might experience some minor side effects such as headaches, soreness or fatigue in that particular area. Although there are very few chances of any serious side effects, you should seek proper guidance and advice from your primary care physician before any treatment if you suffer from any preexisting injury or condition.