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“We are super proud of our patient and amazing athlete, Mofeed Titilope! We’ve had the privilege to care for Mofeed for a while, helping his body recover and stay aligned from the physical demands of body building.

Mofeed won the Men’s Physique Open Overall Championship in a stacked competition a couple of weeks ago. So many more great things ahead for this athlete and we look forward to helping him achieve his goals!”



“Throughout my professional boxing career at El Tigre Promotions, I suffered a chronic shoulder injury that decreased my performance in the ring. After receiving stem cells and the other regenerative medicine treatments from Dr. Pruski and Dr. Nash, I am back in the ring with no restrictions from my injury.”



“After playing in the NFL for 9 years, I’ve had several back surgeries, 17 knee surgeries, and countless hours of PT. Still, I had difficulty with daily activities. Since being treated by Dr. Pruski and Dr. Nash, my overall pain level has decreased and range of motion has improved. I received stem cell injections followed by these regenerative medicine therapies: the Hako-Med, the Venus Heal, and the Pulse XL Pro. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my treatment thus far.”



“Until I tried stem cell therapy, I suffered from neck pain related to a bone spur. After my first round of injections I felt a difference within days. With the help of Dr. Nash and Dr. Pruski I have been able to regain my day to day functionality.”



“I’m an avid golfer and I hit the gym 3-4 days a week. I received my first injection of stem cells in February of 2019. Prior to my injections, my shoulders were in constant pain. The pain level has subsided some, and my shoulders aren’t irritated as much when I sleep on my side. In the past, that was a recipe for pain killers. The follow up treatments with Dr. Nash and Dr. Pruski have made the world of difference. I look forward to the continued work with both of them.”



“I was a tight end for the Houston Texans from 2014-2017. During this time I had a shoulder injury as well as injuries to both knees. With the combination of stem cell treatments, weight training, ice and other regenerative modalities, my injuries have subsided and I am now able to begin training again.”

Donna Paschall

“My name is Donna Paschall and I would like you to know… really know my chiropractor/spinal doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Pruski. After more years than I can count I suffered with lower back, hip and leg pain, One day I got out of bed and couldn’t walk. I used a walker for several months. Soon I met Dr. Pruski. After therapy, medication and other options, I made an appointment approximately 18 months ago. I was greeted by a friendly, caring staff. After a lengthy therapy session, he walked through the door…truly listening and it was so apparent that I found my answer. His Christianity resonates through the room. Dr. Pruski greets you with a hug and not a hand shake. After a MRI, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. I was not afraid because of the positive attitude and professionalism of Dr. Pruski. After months of weekly therapy and adjustments, I was recommended to go see Dr. Ed Nash (that we refer to as a brother from another mother). Now I have two doctors that put me first. I receive stem cell injections and still go for this miracle drug sent from God. Dr. Pruski also diagnosed my daughter with thoracic outlet syndrome and sent her to the top doctor in this field. It gave my child back her life and I am eternally grateful. Dr. Pruski doesn’t want me to have more pain so he lets me explain my limitations and he then gives me suggestions of ways to do what I need to do in the least painful way (walking, sitting positions, sleeping positions, lifting methods…) When he adjusts you, you are manipulated gently and carefully. He always asks about my family and ME. He wears his business card on his chest…it is his heart. I may not ever be completely well but I am doing so much better. I can mow again, chase my grandkids and even caught myself sitting on the floor playing one day (I did lessons on the floor with kindergarteners for decades). I have so much more to say but I think you get the message. I recommend Dr Jeffrey Pruski to be your chiropractor/spinal doctor, friend, and brother in Christ. I truly love Dr. Jeffrey Pruski.”

Matthew Gross

“I first met Dr. Pruski in 2011 through a friend who recommended him for chronic back pain.  After my first visit I quickly realized Dr Pruski was not only going to help me with my back but I also learned he had a wealth of knowledge in many areas of overall medicine, especially in health, fitness, and general well-being.  Over the years he has changed my life by being a great doctor and mentor in helping me transform my lifestyle and health.  He inspired me to change my diet, started me on a fitness routine, and was always available when I had questions of nutrition, supplements, and the correct way to exercise.  Even though he is my doctor, I consider him a friend.  Everyone I know who has been to his clinic will tell you same thing, that he has a fantastic bed-side manner and makes you feel that he has placed a special and personal value in your personal well-being.  At the age of 49 I can tell you with 100% confidence, I am in better health now than any other time in my life and I owe that to Dr. Jeff Pruski.”


Tim Mullings


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Retired NFL Player – Arizona Cardinals Linebacker

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Ike Villanueva

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Robson Palermo

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Marcos Costa Patient Stories – Joint and Spine

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