Physiotherapy Modalities by a Neck Pain Doctor in Huntsville, Texas: What to Expect

Your neck is a bridge between the head and the torso, which supports the weight of the head while protecting the nerves that carry information from the brain down to the rest of the body. For this reason, any type of inflammation, injury or abnormalities in your muscles, joints or ligaments cause neck pain and stiffness. This can prevent you from carrying out everyday tasks and also doing simple things just as turning your head. For this reason, seeking relief is crucial.

Are you in need of pain relief from a neck pain doctor in Huntsville, Texas? The Joint & Spine Center, led by Dr. Pruski, has a wide variety of services to help alleviate and eliminate neck pain and stiffness. Your everyday activities don’t have to stop, discover pain relief in Huntsville, Texas today!

How Can a Neck Pain Doctor Help Relieve Pain?

If you are suffering from neck pain and wondering how a chiropractor in Huntsville, Texas, can help you alleviate your pain, you’ve come to the right place. When you visit the Joint & Spine Center, our specialists examine you so as to find the source of pain. Our experienced and compassionate professionals deliver personalized attention to each patient, proposing the right therapy for your case.

In many cases, patients experiencing back and neck pain, among other conditions, are recommended physiotherapy modalities by our neck pain doctors. Because most physical therapy programs for neck pain involve different treatments to reduce pain and stiffness, it is very common to hear about it in the doctor’s office. One important aspect about physiotherapy modalities is that the specific methods and exercises used in this therapy vary from person to person, making it personalized for each case.

Dr. Jeffrey Pruski from the Joint & Spine Center delivers physiotherapy modalities for head and neck pain. Leading an expert team of chiropractic technicians and providers, Dr. Pruski is the best option to help people alleviate and eliminate neck pain and improve their quality of life. Among the benefits of physiotherapy modalities, you can find:

  • Pain and stiffness reduction
  • Head and neck range of motion improvement
  • Strengthening of the neck development
  • Pain management, elimination and prevention

What are Physiotherapy Modalities?

When we talk about physiotherapy modalities, different types of electrical, mechanical or thermal treatment methods appear. These therapies are crucial for pain relief, circulation improvement and muscle spasms reduction. 

Some of the most common physiotherapy modalities include ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction, heat, and ice. Let’s go over what some of the therapies included in the physiotherapy modalities treatment involve:


Ultrasound machines are mostly used to treat muscle spasms. With their use of low or high-frequency sound waves, they penetrate the muscles, increasing circulation and promoting tissue relaxation.

Electrical Stimulation

Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is an electrical stimulation procedure that uses safe and small voltages of current for pain relief. This therapy acts by contracting muscles so as to reduce pain and improve the functionality of the affected area.


Traction is used when dealing with back or neck pain, so as to relieve pressure off the nerves. By pulling certain segments or parts of the spine, it helps improve mobility in the spine. Traction can be done manually or with a machine.

Heat or Ice Therapy

Heat or ice therapy are simple treatments that continue to be used because they work well for many types of pain. When you have a sprain or strain, ice is used as it reduces the inflammation. On the contrary, because heat relaxes the muscles, it is used when experiencing muscle tightness without any inflammation.

Physical therapy reduces and eliminates pain and swelling. A neck pain doctor specialized in physiotherapy modalities can employ different treatment models to help people alleviate their pain and get back to their everyday life.

Neck Pain Doctor in Huntsville, Texas

If you are looking for a neck pain doctor in Huntsville, Texas, Dr. Jeffrey Pruski from the Joint & Spine Center is here for you. Our team strives to provide personalized, compassionate care, and our physiotherapy modalities can give you the relief that you are seeking.

Don’t let pain prevent you from continuing with your daily activities. Relief is here at Joint & Spine Center! Schedule your appointment today at the Joint & Spine Center by clicking here, or calling us at 936-295-1777. 

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