Physiotherapy Modalities for Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Physiotherapy Modalities for Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

People with carpal tunnel syndrome experience pain and other symptoms in their hands and wrists. The condition is relatively common, and sometimes the symptoms can become so severe that people end up having difficulties using their entire arms.
When you get diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, physiotherapy is one of the suggested treatment options. It can help manage pain, restore the normal range of motion, and regain functionality of your hand, wrist, and arm.  Read on to discover how physical therapy can help treat carpal tunnel syndrome, the best physiotherapy modalities for this condition, and how visiting a chiropractor in Huntsville, Texas, can help.

Why Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Occur?

Carpal tunnel is a narrow passage in the palm of your hand, surrounded by ligaments and bones. The median nerve goes through this passage and provides necessary communication between the central nervous system and your index finger, thumb, middle finger, and the part of your ring finger. Carpal tunnel syndrome develops when something compresses or irritates the median nerve. The symptoms include pain, weakness, tingling, or numbness of your hand, wrist, or arm. They are usually mild at first and then develop gradually, making it more difficult to use your hand.

Physical Therapy for Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Physical therapy is a widely recommended treatment approach for people with carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s because it is inexpensive, effective, non-invasive, and easy to apply.  Research has found that physical therapy has beneficial effects on carpal tunnel syndrome, providing short-term and mid-term relief. That highlights the potential of different physiotherapy modalities for the initial management of this painful condition. However, the researchers emphasize the need for studies examining the long-term results of these treatments. Manual therapy is a form of physical therapy that has excellent potential to provide necessary relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, according to a 2022 systematic review. It can make the symptoms less severe and improve functional status. Overall, physical therapy can be a great tool in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, which is why most doctors and chiropractors recommend it.

What Are the Most Common Physical Therapy Options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

All physical therapists are trained to deal with a variety of disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome. Based on your condition and the severity of your symptoms, they can recommend different physiotherapy modalities, including:
  • Thermal procedures – These therapy approaches apply exogenous heat to reduce stiffness, relax muscles, ease sensations, improve nervous conduction, and boost regeneration. The most common modalities include paraffin and ultra high frequency therapy.
  • Laser therapy – This FDA-approved treatment can reduce pain and burning sensations in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. 
  • Ultrasound therapy – Ultrasound is a common way of dealing with symptoms because it helps reduce inflammation and stimulate healing.
  • Magnetotherapy – This type of treatment is often prescribed before electrotherapy because it improves the therapeutic benefits. Magnetotherapy stimulates healing processes, which could help with symptoms.
  • Electrotherapy – Electrotherapy can improve nerve conduction, reducing carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. 
  • Exercise – Stretches and exercises are a vital part of your rehabilitation. That’s why your doctor will recommend them to ensure a full recovery.
  • Manual therapy – Modalities like trigger point and massage therapy can reduce pain, improve mobility, and increase grip strength in people with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Where to Get Physical Therapy in Huntsville, Texas?

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Huntsville, Texas, to recommend suitable physiotherapy modalities, Dr. Jeffrey Pruski from the Joint & Spine center is here for you. Dr. Pruski has extensive experience dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic pain conditions. As a result, he can accurately assess your situation and offer the right treatment path to reduce pain, improve mobility, and eliminate other symptoms.

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