Alleviate Discomfort with a Neck Pain Doctor in Huntsville, Texas

It is proven that approximately, at least half of the population in the United States will experience at least one clinically significant neck pain episode, once in their lifetime. That number can be frightening, and while reading this article it is possible that you or a family member are experiencing neck pain. But don’t panic! We understand this type of pain and we will guide you towards the best therapy to alleviate and eliminate it.

When experiencing pain in the neck area, your best alternative is to find relief from a neck pain doctor in Huntsville, Texas. Dr. Pruski’s Joint & Spine Center provides chiropractic care and spinal adjustments for neck pain and other conditions, so that you can live a pain-free life. Let’s go over what the best therapies involve.

Neck Pain Treatment in Huntsville, Texas

In order to understand what the best therapies and treatments for neck pain are, we must first go over how neck pain originates. The neck serves as a vital connection between the head and the body, and it comprises vertebrae that span from the skull to the upper torso. Its bones, ligaments, and muscles play a crucial role in supporting the head and facilitating movement. Due to the reasons mentioned, any irregularities, inflammation, or injuries in this area can lead to discomfort and stiffness.

Neck Pain Symptoms

Neck pain needs to receive treatment, as it can make simple actions like turning the head or maintaining an upright position challenging and painful. If you are unsure whether the type of pain experiencing comes from your neck or if it’s a symptom of another ailment, please check the following of neck pain:

  • Headache
  • Stiffness that results in limited movement
  • Tightness in muscles
  • Stabbing or throbbing pain
  • Swelling or tenderness
  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness
  • Radiating pain, starting from the neck to shoulder, head, arms, and fingers

Neck Pain Causes

Now that we have gone over what neck pain is and how to identify its symptoms, we will go over the main causes that produce this condition. From not maintaining a proper posture to an underlying condition, neck pain can originate from different causes. Let’s go over them:

  • Bad sleeping habits
  • Improper posture
  • Injuries
  • Muscle strain
  • Infection
  • Whiplash due to accidents
  • Meningitis, fibromyalgia, spondylosis, arthritis or other conditions
  • Jerking your neck while exercising
  • Continuously working without changing your position
  • Carrying a heavy purse or backpack on one shoulder

One important therapy to bear in mind when talking about neck pain is spinal adjustment, which is performed by a chiropractor. During this session, Dr. Pruski at Joint & Spine will conduct a comprehensive examination of the entire spine, from the cervical to the lower back, to identify areas contributing to neck pain. 

Following the examination, specific adjustments are made to the neck, aiming to alleviate joint stiffness and reduce pain caused by muscle spasms or nerve compression. You may also be recommended therapeutic exercises to enhance overall neck mobility.

Because many of these issues are linked to or affect spinal alignment, neck pain can significantly impact various bodily systems. When neck muscles experience spasms, the spine can be pulled out of alignment, leading to irritation of the nerves and causing tension and systemic problems.

Holistic Treatment by a Neck Pain Doctor in Huntsville, Texas

Spinal adjustment is a chiropractic procedure involving the precise application of controlled force to the spinal joints. The primary objective of spinal adjustment is to enhance spinal motion and improve the body’s physical functions. Annually, more than 20 million Americans turn to chiropractors for spinal adjustments, seeking relief from back, neck, or joint pains.

Receive a spinal adjustment by a neck pain doctor in Huntsville, Texas, today! Dr. Pruski has been voted best chiropractor and has been recognized as a 2023 Sam Houston 79! Schedule an appointment today and live your best pain-free life.

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